Saturday, 31 October 2015

Born Pretty Store | Eyeshadow Palette

Hey, it feels like such a long time ago since i've sat here and written a blog post. Today is about my new fave eyeshadows from Born Pretty Store. I'm sure a lot of bloggers have heard of them before, they have A LOT of makeup on their website to choose from.

This is their 15 Colour Eyeshadow Palette  and I love it. The colours are so pretty and really wearable too, especially for this time of year. 

There are 11 shimmers & 4 matte shades. The colours are very intense even without using a primer  and are very blend able. I've heard from a few people that they've found them hard to apply using eye brushes, but I've found them to apply really well :) 

Top Row.

Middle Row.  (matte brown shades aren't too good though)

Last Row.

As you can see the colours are very pigmented, the only ones I don't like too much are the matte brown shades, they don't really show up at all compared to the others. They also last a long time on me and don't smudge or fall down when I'm wearing them.

I really recommend this palette, it's cheap, pretty and has some really nice colours in it :)

Born Pretty Store has kindly provided me with a 10%  discount code for my readers to use. Just enter the code LIEH10 (it's also on the side of my blog).

Have you ever tried anything from Born Pretty Store?

*I was kindly sent this product to review for free but all opinions are my own*

Friday, 16 October 2015

My Makeup Stash | Blush, Highlighter & Bronzer

Hey :) It's been a while since I posted I've just noticed :/ But anyway I'm carrying on with my 'makeup stash' posts today as promised. Today it's all about the blusher, bronzer and highlighters. I've only included my favourites today for obvious reasons. 

- Makeup Revolution Blusher Palette 'Hot Spice' - I picked this one up a while ago now and I love the colours it comes with. There really easy to wear and so pigmented :D I really like this palette as you have pretty much everything you need in it, it also comes with a highlighting shade too. It's also very affordable as it's around £6 :)

- Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick - This has been a fave of mine for a long time now, I don't really like to use the bronzer end of this product but the highlighter is gorgeous on the top of the cheek bones or brow bone. I do wear the bronzer if I have a bit of a tan but it can sometimes look a little fake? mm.

- Sleek Blusher 'Rose Gold' - This blusher was a present from my sister last christmas because she knew I wanted it for ages and I absolutely love it. It's such a pretty colour and has tiny gold specs which are noticeable on your cheeks when the sun hits them :) It's also really cheap, sleek are one of my fave makeup brands at the mo and they also do really nice eyeshadows too :)

- Makeup Revolution Hearts -  (in the top corner there haha) I also love this one, but sometimes I find it harder to wear, it states it's a blusher but I see it as more of a highlight than a blush? :/ But if I use it as a highlighter it's way too pinky, does anyone know what I mean by this? Nevertheless it's really pretty and its very inexpensive...

- Seventeen Contour Kit - This is one you've probably seen me mention as I reviewed it a few months ago :) I love this! It's the best bronzer I've ever bought, it looks natural like you've just caught the sun on holiday, not too orangey at all which you do find in bronzers a lot! :)

Hope you enjoyed this and let me know some of your favourites in the comments so I can have a look  at them :)..

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