Saturday, 14 March 2015

Light Make Up, Q&A & Your Questions Answered

(my cardi is from select in case you were wondering)

-Loreal True Match Foundation
-Maybelline FIT me Concealer
-Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

-Make Up Revolution Blush Palette (pinky red)

Previous Blusher (in crease and lower lash line)
Sleek 'Oh So Special' Palette - Matte brown (all over lid)
-Soap & Glory Mascara
-Rimmel WOW Lash on Bottom Lashes
-Rimmel Liquid Liner

-Zoeva Lip Crayon -Tender Rose


Q&A & Your Questions Answered: 

I had some questions from older posts too so I will answer those aswell :)

What drew you into blogging?
I enjoyed the creative side especially when I just scrolled through other peoples blogs, I liked their photos and how they had designed their blog so I made my own.

How long have you been blogging for?
I started in October so about 5 and half months now, wow time flies.

Where do you most like to shop?
Primark haha :) I've also been loving select recently as well.

Do you own any pets?
Yes I have a dog called Lennie he's a lakeland terrier & a hamster called fudge :)

Which mascara do you use to make your lashes so long?
I'm currently loving soap & glory's one, but no7 do good ones too.

What is your fave dessert?
If i'm in a restaurant then chocolate fudge cake mmm or just sweeties :)

Why did you decide to write a blog?
Honesty, I was bored one sunday and I wanted to give it a go haha.

What's your favourite colour?
Mint Blue, Pink/Peach & Neon Orange :)

How did you get your hair so long?
I did a blog post all about healthy hair and growing tips (click here).
But I just try to take care of it, little heat, deep conditioning :P

What's your favourite make up brand?
Probably Make up revolution right now, but Rimmel is a stand I will always go back to.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

February Favourites | 2015

Skin Care:

Nspa Skincare Box Set

-Hot Cloth Cleanser 
-Gel Cleanser

I'm sure you've all seen these on my blog before when I did my favourite skin care but I have been loving them a lot recently :)


Soap & Glory Lipgloss

This came in a soap & glory box set for xmas which I have been using with a lip liner brush because I think the colour can look a little too intense when applied fully, but using a lip liner brush makes it look a lot nicer (and stay on longer too).

No7 Eyeshadow 

This also came in a box set for xmas by no7 and I really like this colour eyeshadow :)

Burts Bees Lip Balm

I'm am a big fan of lip balms so any I see I will want to buy & try. This also gives a teeny bit of red colour.

Non Beauty Faves:


-I survived a zombie apocalypse (who else watches this?)
-The Walking Dead


Chocolate - 1975 (I know it's old but I like it :D)

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