Monday, 15 February 2016

Maybelline 24 HR Colour Tattoo

Hey :) I've noticed that it's been a while since I've talked about makeup, so that's what I'm gonna do today...So like posts I've done before I'd always gather a few products together and write mini reviews for them all but today I wanted to focus on just one product which are the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's. Now your probably thinking 'But Millie, these have been out for years why have you only just discovered them now?' Yeah, you're right I know I'm late on the hype but it doesn't mean everyone and their mum has tried it before, does it? Anyway I'll get on with it now :)

 'Pink Gold' (I think they may have changed the name) +  'On & On Bronze'
First Impressions:
I actually am not too keen on the packaging of these, I like that they come in a glass pot and that the front is pretty and it's clear to know which colour is what, but the bottom is too big and chunky for me. Anyone that owns one of these will know what I mean but to me it looks like they've kept a big chunk of see through glass at the bottom of the pot for no reason. It confuses me as to why they did that, however everything else I like and I think that might be the only thing I don't like about these.
Long Lasting:
These surprisingly do last a long time even without using a primer. They pretty much last all day on me, don't smudge or crease either! However I would recommend using a primer before hand just to make sure and primers are know to make eyeshadows brighter so if that's something you want I would for sure use a primer, they're not too expensive it just depends on what brand you go for. For example MUA do an amazing eyeshadow primer and it's only £2.50..I want to say, but yeah give that a try and I promise you it is actually very good and I prefer using that one over my Urban Decay ones...yep.

Pigmentation & Application:
These are incredibly pigmented and glide really nicely over the lid as they are cream eyeshadows. I find them really easy to apply and are great for blending out. I tend to use these underneath eyeshadows as a base, but you can also just use them all over the lid and they will still look really pretty. If you maybe aren't too good at applying your eyeshadow I would recommend you getting yourself one of these cream eyeshadows, I'm sure you'll love them too. I like to use brushes to apply these because I just find it to work a lot better on me, but it's also really easy to just use your finger which works just the same. Cream eyeshadows also take no time to apply so they're perfect if your in a rush or for school/work and just want a little something on your eyes to make you look more awake..shall we say.
Colour Range:
There are 12 shades in the whole collection I believe and they are all very wearable (although 'Turquoise Forever' is questionable) and are really nice for everyday. I think they did really well with the colour selection and have made shades which are appealing to everyone.

I really do love these cream eyeshadows and I'm sure they'll stay a fave of mine for a while, I'm just so annoyed at myself for not buying these sooner. If you have ever tried these or love them yourself let me know which is your favourite shade in the comments :) And if anyone has any recommendations for more cream eyeshadows you think I'll like please do let me know as I'm sure I'll end up buying it next time I'm in boots ;)



Monday, 1 February 2016

Cute Curly Braided Hairstyle

Hey :) Another hair 'how to' today for you. I've seen this hairstyle everywhere on pinterest but there's never really any tutorials that are easy to find to show you exactly how you do it step by step so that's what I'm gonna do today. It's not the hardest hair style to do on yourself but to make it easier to take photos of  whilst I was doing it I borrowed my sisters hair for the day.

Probably the easiest step, start off by curling your hair as normal. I'm using my Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap curling wand on my sisters hair because the wand has a textured barrel which makes it so much easier to curl hair, especially on my sister because she has very silky hair that's sometimes difficult to work with.

After you've finished curling start to separate the curls slightly with hair brush, makes the hair look nice and wavy :)

Now take a section from the front of your head and braid your hair, I decided to braid it backwards but it doesn't really matter and then secure it with a elastic band/hair clip whilst you do the same with the other side too.

What it should look like now.. As you can see the braids are now joined, to do this make a tiny gap in the second braid allowing you to pull the first one through.. does that make sense? (you can also use a hair clip if needed to, they're not too hard to hide under your hair just make sure that the colour of it suits your hair, which isn't what I did)
To make the braid look thicker pull on the strands (next picture will help you understand what I mean).
 When your done it should look like this. I hope you enjoyed and it and give it a go, it's quite tricky to do on yourself but I'm sure after practise you'll be fine. I think it would look so pretty in the summer months too and it honestly only takes about 10-15 mins depending on how long it takes to curl your hair.

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