Saturday, 25 April 2015

Messy Buns & Flower Crowns

Hey :)

I was bored earlier & started playing around with my hair. I'd forgot that I still had my flower crown but I do remember doing a post ages ago so not many of you will have seen it before. I'll link it at the end for you in case you want to see it.

And this is what It looks like. . .

I really like it. I'm not sure if i'd wear it out though? Looks nice for photos though, right? ;)

I got mine from 'the knitting & stitching show' back in october for £2 I think.

Old Flower Crown Blog Post:

Knitting & Stitching Show Blog Post (where i got it from):

Do any of you have flower crowns? If so are you brave enough to wear them out? haha.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jelly Shoes | Review

The sun is finally making an appearance woo!:D So this means summer shopping *fist pump* 

 So I opted for a pair of 'Jelly Shoes' as I wanted some new shoes for the summer and Shoe Zone had a nice range of shoes which I liked the look of and these definitley stood out to me.

I never thought I'd say this but these are so comfy, I imagined these to feel more like plastic but they are such nice quality and don't hurt my feet.
I also like the way they make my feet look as I thought they might make my feet look extra chunky but they don't in the slightest.

-Also a really good tip about these, if they get dirty you can put them under the tap to clean them and they dry instantly. So no worries about the colour being white :)

These would look so pretty on holiday as you can also wear them on the beach and pair lots of summer clothing with them.

What I'd pair with these shoes:

Kimono - Select
Shorts - New Look
Navy Vest - Primark
Jewellery - Wallis

You can buy these Jelly Shoes from Shoe Zone here.

I was very kindly sent these sandals to review from the marketing team at Shoe Zone, but all opinions are my own.

Do you own a pair of jelly shoes yourself?
What do you think of them?

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Messy Natural Curls.

I french plaited my hair yesterday and left them in all day & night and when I woke up, took them out and this is what it looks like.

I've never tried this before because I didn't think it would suit me, does it?
I don't know but I like it :)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March Favourites | 2015

-Bourjois 3D Lip Gloss

I've always had my eyes on sister recently bought one and I loved it, so I got myself one haha :) I like the brush mostly it makes it so much easier to apply in my opinion, why can't all lip products be like this?

-Soap & Glory Mascara 

This is one of my most fave mascaras ever! I love it, it can look really natural but still makes your eyelashes look super long. Can't fault it...

-Maybelline Fit me

 Because I like maybelline's Fit me concealer I thought I might as well give the foundation a try and i'm liking it so far but the only thing is that it doesn't last long but that might be because the sun is starting to make an appearance woo :)

-Rose Gold Watch -Asda/George

I got this watch for my birthday because my mum knew I liked rose gold watches so I was so happy when I got it :) I love it and have been wearing it a lot.

Clothing Stores:

Non-Beauty Faves:


-Ordinary Lies

-Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand
-Years & Years - King
-Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
-Nick Jonas - Jealous

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