Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas Gift Sets

Soap & Glory 'Glamour Push Gift Set'

 (top to bottom: supercat liquid liner - thick&fast mascara -sexy mother pucker lip lacquer) 

This is a face luminizer (mm fancy) which looks nice as both a blusher or a highlighter.

Look at how pretty the lip lacquer is...

Burts Bees 'Tips And Toes Kit'

The set includes:
-Almond & Milk Hand Cream
-Lip Balm 
-Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream
-Coconut Foot Cream
-2 Metal Tins Of Both Hand, Nail And Cuticle Cream

mmm...I love this a lot :)

No7 Gift Set

The set includes:
-Lash Intense Volume Control Mascara
-High Shine Lip Gloss
-Eye Serum

Did anyone else get beauty box sets for Xmas?

Monday, 22 December 2014

Messy Bun

(i'm not sure why my hair line looks so odd, I promise it doesn't always look like this aha)

I think this is probably my most worn hairstyle right now, i've always got it up. It's just so easy and only takes me 3 minutes to do in the mornings and people always question me on how I do it. Now it's christmas time I am constantly putting my little red sparkly bow in my hair as it looks so cute :)

Let me know if you want a more detailed post about how I do this and what products I use in my hair 

If you want to know more about where the bows from and how much it was click here which will take you to one of my previous blog posts...

Friday, 19 December 2014

Dazzle Dust | Barry M

Barry M Dazzle Dusts are sold in many different colours and are basically a loose pigment for your eyes or in my case, you can use the one I own as a highlighter too. Mine has tiny little specs of glitter which are noticeable on the eyes which scares people off but I think a bit of glitter is acceptable especially because Christmas is right around the corner (eekkk!). 

It lasts all day long and is very highly pigmented :) I really need to take a quick look at the Barry M counter when I make my next trip to boots or superdrug as I've heard great things about the whole range. I bought mine..erm...I'd say a good year ago now and as you can see by the photo above I've barely used any up in that time, but I have worn it a lot! I know that these won't be everyone's cup of tea but for those interested I hope you enjoyed this post and found it some what helpful or interesting if your a bit of a make up nerd like me :)

Have you tried Barry M Dazzle Dusts? What do you think of them?

P.S sorry for not blogging too much this month + please let me know what posts you want to see? x x 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Glitter Bows & Christmas Decorations

Beau xoxo - Mini Small Glitter Hair Bows 'Ruby Red Slippers'

I bought my bow in 'Ruby Red Slippers' as it was Christmas time and they are honestly the cutest ones I've ever seen and really well made. The glitter doesn't come off of the bow and into your hair easily, the crocodile clip doesn't slip and slide around your hair or fall out which also makes taking the bow out of your hair a lot easier (we've all bought hair accessories that practically tear out our hair haven't we?) You can purchase different kinds of hair accessories such as pastel coloured bows, slightly bigger bows, floral crowns and so much more. I've linked the website if you click here it will take you to it :)

The bow was £3.00 and delivery was £3.20 for the UK buyers but the site ships internationally. It's hand packaged and comes with a hand written postcard, a pack of love hearts :) and the bow itself.


Fast forward a few days later and me and my family were putting up the Christmas decorations and I took a few photo's :)

Who else is excited for Christmas?

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Monthly Favourites | November

Heyy, so another month has flown by and it's now December which means it's technically officially Christmas time :) Who's excited *raises hand*

I love this lipstick a lot and have been wearing it a lot recently and yes I know it looks like a bit of an odd/scary colour but it doesn't look weird on don't worry. It's from an old avon collection 'colour trend' which is still going but sadly this colour was discontinued so it's unavailable to buy now which means I will have to savor it until it runs out :( Anyway the pigmentation is good and doesn't make your lips look/feel dry. I'm sad this lipstick is not being made anymore because I think I would have bought a new one when it runs out - sad times :( 

This lip gloss I bought only in October/late September I think and have been wearing it every since. It's very subtle and pretty, the perfect nude lipgloss.This doesn't make your lips look dry either. It was around £1.99 as are all the others from the natural collection. I don't think this brand gets enough attention personally, yes some of the products can be a bit shabby (sorry natural collection) but you can find some great products for such bargain prices! :) 

As you may or may have not seen on my blog, I actually did a blog post about this (click here) and if you did read it you will know that I absolutely love it!
I have almost finished little pot already which I know is really bad considering I only bought this a few weeks ago oopss. It completely changes the look of your lips -from chapped and horrible looking, to smooth and moisturized. I would say the price of this is a bit steep considering the ingredients used to make this is sugar,oil and food colouring and you've got your own lip exfoliator. All I can say is don't be put off by the price tag because it's really good for your lips and i'm sure your'll love it just as much as me.

If you've followed me for a long time now you will know that I mentioned this in my skincare post (click here). I am still using this but sadly it is starting to run out :( This has literally saved my skin form looking dry and patchy all autumn and makes a god base for make up. Good price, great moisturizer, keeps you face moisturized and fresh for a long time,can't go wrong with this face cream :)

I have noticed a lot of brands releasing their own collection of eyeshadow sticks/crayons and personally I think there amazing. I like the idea of these as they are so quick and easy to apply and blend really nicely or you can even use eyeshadow sticks as a base for eyeshadow which works just as well too. I really want to look into buying more of these form other brands so if you know of anymore or any good ones worth buying then please let me know :)

I think this one has to be my favourite...
This eyeshadow palette I picked up at TKmaxx can you believe as E.L.F products aren't sold in the UK I believe which sucks because after using this I want to have a look at some of their other products they have to offer. My palette palette is in the 'warm edition' and has the most beautiful neutral shades. I was so shocked when I first used this to find they were incredibly pigmented, after paying the price of £3.99 I wasn't expecting a whole lot but this proved me sooo wrong. I obviously couldn't swatch them all for you because I don't have a long enough arm, but I did swatch some of my most used/favourite shades for you :)

(no flash: natural light)

Non Beauty Favourites:

Clean Bandit - Real Love
Maroon 5 - Animals
Ellie Goulding - Outside & Beating Heart
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off & Blank Space

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

The Fault In Our Stars

TV Program:
-The Walking Dead Season 5 (does anyone else watch this?)
-I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
-Waterloo Road

What sort of posts do you wanna see next?

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