Monday, 8 December 2014

Glitter Bows & Christmas Decorations

Beau xoxo - Mini Small Glitter Hair Bows 'Ruby Red Slippers'

I bought my bow in 'Ruby Red Slippers' as it was Christmas time and they are honestly the cutest ones I've ever seen and really well made. The glitter doesn't come off of the bow and into your hair easily, the crocodile clip doesn't slip and slide around your hair or fall out which also makes taking the bow out of your hair a lot easier (we've all bought hair accessories that practically tear out our hair haven't we?) You can purchase different kinds of hair accessories such as pastel coloured bows, slightly bigger bows, floral crowns and so much more. I've linked the website if you click here it will take you to it :)

The bow was £3.00 and delivery was £3.20 for the UK buyers but the site ships internationally. It's hand packaged and comes with a hand written postcard, a pack of love hearts :) and the bow itself.


Fast forward a few days later and me and my family were putting up the Christmas decorations and I took a few photo's :)

Who else is excited for Christmas?

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