Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How to: Pony Tail Curls

I wanted to share with you today a very very easy way of curling your hair which I do all the time and only takes 5-10 mins to do.
You do not need my length hair to do this it would look nice and work with shorter hair too.

1. Start off by putting your hair in a simple pony tail, then start taking sections of hair and curl all of it. Curl one section towards your face + the next one away from your face, this will stop them looking similar and make them look natural and a bit messier.

2. When you've finished curling all of the hair take it out of the pony tail carefully.

3. Then position where you want your hair to sit ready for hairspray.

4. Spray some hairspray into your hands and apply it to the roots of your hair for more volume.

And that is it..I told you it was easy :)

I hope some of you found this useful or you gained some tips or found out another way to curl your hair.

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