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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightner | Review

Hey :) I'm really excited to share with you this straightener today because I love it and have been using it non stop since the day I got it. It's by the brand Irresistible Me and they kindly sent it to me so I could try it out and tell all of you how I've got on with it. Up to now I love it and love the design of this straightener and how it much so that I've actually thrown my other one away haha. First of all I'm gonna talk about how cool the whole box is! Probably one of the nicest packaged hair tools I've ever received, also the box tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the straightener and comes with a little guide book too which gives you information on what heat settings to use for your hair type in case your unsure.

The straighter includes:
- Diamond Nano Hi-Tech Plates
- Heat resistant cover
- Buttons on the inside of the straightener to control the heat settings and turn on and off
- Auto Shut Off
- Fast Heat Up
- 360 Cord
- Light Weight
- Grip at the top
- Maximum temp of 230c

I think that this is one of the best and well designed hair straighteners ever! They have thought of everything to make it the best it can possibly be and yes I can confirm that all of the above are true.
I think my favourite features to this is that the plates have grip to them and have a heat resistant cover, which means I'm now able to straighten and curl my hair without it slipping out my fingers or burning myself which actually happens to me a lot.

Okay so in these photos below is my 100% natural hair, I'd washed it the night before and had let it dry naturally and this is what I always do. As you cans see my hair is pretty straight naturally, but it does go wavy and very frizzy too.
The heat setting I used was 170 because my hair is quite thick. To straighten my whole hair it only took me around 5/6 mins (i'm not kidding).
The straightener is so easy to use and doesn't pull or tug on your hair when using it, my hair just glides smoothly through it causing me no pain which i'm sure if you use hair curlers/straighteners yourself you can relate to.

And this is what my hair looks like when it's all been straightened (I'm sorry if your tired of reading that word now) without styling or adding any product in it. I have used this so many times and my hair stays the same all day and can last up to 2 days on me. I have also used this to curl my hair and it curls it really well and they also last a really long time, the only thing i'll do differently is change the heat settings to a slightly higher one. But if you'd like to see how I curl my hair with a straightener then click HERE.

I honestly can't fault this straightener and I'll be sure to continue to use it. If you'd like me to write another post using this straightener, maybe on a few hairstyles you can achieve with this then let me know :)

Have you tried Irresistible Me products before?
*This product was kindly sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own*

Monday, 1 February 2016

Cute Curly Braided Hairstyle

Hey :) Another hair 'how to' today for you. I've seen this hairstyle everywhere on pinterest but there's never really any tutorials that are easy to find to show you exactly how you do it step by step so that's what I'm gonna do today. It's not the hardest hair style to do on yourself but to make it easier to take photos of  whilst I was doing it I borrowed my sisters hair for the day.

Probably the easiest step, start off by curling your hair as normal. I'm using my Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap curling wand on my sisters hair because the wand has a textured barrel which makes it so much easier to curl hair, especially on my sister because she has very silky hair that's sometimes difficult to work with.

After you've finished curling start to separate the curls slightly with hair brush, makes the hair look nice and wavy :)

Now take a section from the front of your head and braid your hair, I decided to braid it backwards but it doesn't really matter and then secure it with a elastic band/hair clip whilst you do the same with the other side too.

What it should look like now.. As you can see the braids are now joined, to do this make a tiny gap in the second braid allowing you to pull the first one through.. does that make sense? (you can also use a hair clip if needed to, they're not too hard to hide under your hair just make sure that the colour of it suits your hair, which isn't what I did)
To make the braid look thicker pull on the strands (next picture will help you understand what I mean).
 When your done it should look like this. I hope you enjoyed and it and give it a go, it's quite tricky to do on yourself but I'm sure after practise you'll be fine. I think it would look so pretty in the summer months too and it honestly only takes about 10-15 mins depending on how long it takes to curl your hair.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Curling Wand | Review

Hey, today i'm going to share with you my thoughts on this new 'Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap Curling Wand' I've been using lately.

The wand itself has a 'non slip' texture to the barrel which does work I have to admit. It helps to hold the curl onto the wand when styling because I'm sure you all have the trouble of your hair falling half way down the wand before the heat has even reached the strand of hair you want to curl. But because of this when you release your hair from the wand it creates slightly messier strands of hair towards the top of your head. So this wand doesn't make your hair smooth and sleek but if you like messy curly hair then you will love it.

This is how it looks on my hair:

Kind of messy fishtail/beachy hair which I love.

The only thing I have to say is that as the day goes on the curls kind of go a little frizzy/messier and I'm not a fan. Don't get me wrong some people might like it and I do like messy curly hair myself, just not that type of messiness. So if you love wavy messy beach hair then this curler is for you :)

I also tested this out on my sister as she has fine hair so she finds it very difficult to hold a curl in place.

She loved how it looked and it was on freshly washed hair too. The curls lasted pretty much all day and if you want to you can brush the curls out and they still look really nice. Adding bits of hairspray in places also helps to maintain the curls throughout the day.

Things I like:

-Doesn't take long to curl your hair (10-15 mins)
-Holds your hair all the way along the wand
-Curls last a long time
-Works on both fine & thick hair

Things I don't like:

-There's only one heat setting (can't change heat of wand)
-Makes your hair frizz at the top of your head

I think personally this curling wand works best on fine hair as my sisters hair did not go frizzy/messy, it just looked shiny. Not to say people with my hair type wouldn't like this and it may be just a trial and error thing for me but for now I still think it works a lot better on fine hair. However putting my hair into a messy bun after using this looks really nice and big so it's not all bad.

So for my viewers who have blonde, fine, thin hair and are looking for a good curler then you should give this a try as I think you will love it and it is perfect curler for your hair type. So don't get me wrong and think this is a bad product because it isn't and it works perfectly fine. I'm going to carry on giving this a go so I will update you if I find a better way of using it on my hair.

Let me know what you think and if anyone has ever had my problem before & how to sort it out.

* I was kindly sent this by the marketing team at Vidal Sassoon but all thoughts and opinions are my own *

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

3 Cute Curly Hairstyles For Summer

I'm back with another hair post :)
I know I do these often but these are the posts I really enjoy making so i'm going to continue to do them.

I wanted to do this so those of you who like to curl your hair or already have naturally curly hair (in which case i'm very jealous of you) have a few ideas on what to do on 2nd & 3rd day hair. I normally like to curl my hair and wear it down as it is on day 1, then change it slightly the next day into maybe a bun or messy pony tail.

How I curl/style my hair. 

Basically all I do is curl large chunks of my hair to start with and once I've curled all of it, I like to mess them up a bit and make them a little looser.
I also take some hair spray in the palm of my hand and push it into the roots of my hair to give it more volume. And now your good to go.

Messy Braids.

Pretty straight forward, I like to pull on the braid a little to make it look thicker. I always find they look the best when my hair has been curled as it has a lot more texture and holds a lot better. I also like to pull out sections at the front as you can see :)..

Messy Bun.

I'm sure most of you already know how I do this but if not I'll just quickly run it past you.

  • Put your hair into a high pony
  • Twist the pony round into a doughnut shape
  • Use pins to keep your bun in place
  • Mess it up as much as you want to and use some hairspray (optional) 
Easyy ;)

If any of you have any hair style requests for me to do please do let me know and i'll be happy to have a go at it for you :)

Thanks for reading <3

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Messy Buns & Flower Crowns

Hey :)

I was bored earlier & started playing around with my hair. I'd forgot that I still had my flower crown but I do remember doing a post ages ago so not many of you will have seen it before. I'll link it at the end for you in case you want to see it.

And this is what It looks like. . .

I really like it. I'm not sure if i'd wear it out though? Looks nice for photos though, right? ;)

I got mine from 'the knitting & stitching show' back in october for £2 I think.

Old Flower Crown Blog Post:

Knitting & Stitching Show Blog Post (where i got it from):

Do any of you have flower crowns? If so are you brave enough to wear them out? haha.

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Messy Natural Curls.

I french plaited my hair yesterday and left them in all day & night and when I woke up, took them out and this is what it looks like.

I've never tried this before because I didn't think it would suit me, does it?
I don't know but I like it :)

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

How to: Pony Tail Curls

I wanted to share with you today a very very easy way of curling your hair which I do all the time and only takes 5-10 mins to do.
You do not need my length hair to do this it would look nice and work with shorter hair too.

1. Start off by putting your hair in a simple pony tail, then start taking sections of hair and curl all of it. Curl one section towards your face + the next one away from your face, this will stop them looking similar and make them look natural and a bit messier.

2. When you've finished curling all of the hair take it out of the pony tail carefully.

3. Then position where you want your hair to sit ready for hairspray.

4. Spray some hairspray into your hands and apply it to the roots of your hair for more volume.

And that is it..I told you it was easy :)

I hope some of you found this useful or you gained some tips or found out another way to curl your hair.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to: Messy Bun

Since my last hair post went so well and is now my most popular post ever, I thought I would share another one with you.

I'm finally sharing a 'how to' post on messy buns woo! :)

I uploaded a blog post quiet a while ago now of a picture of my messy bun and got requests and comments like 'How did you do that', 'How did you get you're hair to look/stay like that'.

And also 'I'd like to see a more detailed post on what exactly it is you do'

And in all honesty when I say messy, quick and easy I really do mean it.
I wear this hairstyle pretty much everyday because it takes literally no time at all and looks like you've spent more time and effort than you really have ;)

The first thing you want to do is start off putting your hair into a simple pony tail, my hair was already fairly curly so it gave it a lot more volume and texture.

Then take another bobble and pull your hair through it like normal but only half way, then (this is the tricky bit) twist your bobble with your hands and grab the rest of your hair and pull it through and it should look like a really messy bun at this point.

(something like this)

Then finally take a few hair clips or bobby pins (whatever it is you call them) and this is where you decide how neat or messy you want it to look. Place the pins into the back and front to secure it and then pull stands of hair out a tiny bit just to make it look a bit more messy and your pretty much done. If you did want to add hairspray then do as it lasts longer with it especially if your hair isn't the thickest and is prone to falling out of whatever hairstyle you try and do with it haha :)

Also if you leave your bun in all day/night and take it out in the morning you will get natural curly waves which isn't damaging to your hair as it's not any direct heat or added chemicals.

You should get something like this, sorry the picture is kinda blurry though :/

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tips For Growing Long & Healthy Hair

As promised I'm writing this post for all of you who are interested in how I grow my hair :)
In the early months of last year I really wanted to grow my hair longer so I looked it up, tried some tips out and carried on with it


If you want to grow your hair limit the amount of times you use heat on your hair. I went through a phase when I was 12/13 and I used heat on my hair pretty much everyday even though it wasn't necessary to, I'd straighten it, curl it and do all sorts and I didn't even use a heat defence spray! What an idiot. Obviously I didn't realize the damage I was doing to my hair at the time so I was just confused at why my hair always looked so dry and had so many split ends. If you do use heat on your hair regularly make sure that you use a decent heat defence spray, I cannot recommend those enough.

Washing your hair:

Obviously we all wash our hair, but there were a few things I did which did help

- Wash your hair leaning over the bath so your heads upside down (optional but would recommend to)
- Use cold water to rinse out your hair, cold water is better than warm, it might   feel a bit weird at first but you will notice the difference eventually :)

Deep conditioning:

I like to coat my hair in conditioner and tie my hair up in a bun leaving the conditioner in for about 5-10 mins then rinse out with cold water, it makes your hair look and feel so much softer than usual. You don't have to deep condition your hair every time you wash it maybe just 1 or 2 times a week :)


- Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner (preferably the repair set if your hair is    already in bad condition)  

- Argon oil/Moroccan oil

- Lee Stafford Hair Treatments

Drying your hair:

If your like me and leave your hair to dry naturally then this won't apply to you, but if you like to use a hair dryer please do use heat spray or just limit the amount you do this because this can also do harm to your hair.

Also I know the first thing you want to do after washing your hair is to brush it, well it can create more split ends in your hair when wet if you yank a comb through it noottt good, so maybe just run your fingers through your hair if you can't resist -wide tooth combs are good too :)

Hair styles:

Even the most common hair styles can cause breakage to our hair, even when we put it up in a hair bobble (hair tie for the americans) to make a pony tail.  If the bobble is too tight it can break the strands of hair and also the front parts of your head can be pulled too tight without you realizing leading to damaging the roots of your hair :( 

Your probably wondering what hairstyles do I do now then if I can't use heat on my hair or tie it up? Well you can do those things but not too intensely, especially if you want to grow your hair.

- Plaiting your hair at night can be a nice way of curling your hair naturally without direct heat, or even twisting your hair into 1 or 2 buns either side.

- The headband method is great for people with short and long hair

- Using salt spray is a great way to get curly hair which looks so pretty and it       doesn't damage your hair (but make sure you don't use this all the            time because it can be a little drying, but no way near as bad as    using straighteners or curlers)

It's hard to get in the routine of not using heat on your hair but you will get used to it and hope fully you will notice your hair starting to grow a lot quicker and look healthier than before..

 Drink plenty of water:

I have an app which reminds you to drink water through out the day (odd I know). But it worked and not only is it good for your hair but good for your health :) 

Pheww that took a while :)
Do let me know if you try any of these tips and if they helped you. Remember these are only the things I did and worked for me.

Share your hair growth tips in the comments too :)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hair History.

Because a lot of you were interested in my hair I thought it would be a good idea to show you pictures of me growing up so you can see how my hair looked back then :)

 I was not very old here but I did have a lot of hair on my head as a baby and my mum used to put it in a little bobble so I did look a little like baby pebbles from the flintstones :)

This one made me laugh because I still like to wear bows in my hair today haha.

I think I was 2 in this photo and my hair was getting a lot longer already...

This was on my 4th birthday and I had medium long hair, I don't think I was really bothered too much about what it looked like at that age though. But my hair did grow really quickly :)

I was 11 here and I remember getting a hair cut and I hated it, I thought it was way too short and I had a little side fridge that never looked right haha and I used to wear head bands constantly for some reason, looking back now I don't know why I did haha I must have liked them at the time? :/

This was when I got my first ever curler and had tried my best shall I say, this was taken on my 13th birthday :) I also only wore mascara back then :/ ...

And now...In the early months of last year I decided I wanted my hair longer so I did everything I possibly could to make it grow faster and I think It has grown so much in a year it's unbelievable.

I will be uploading a post on what products I use on my hair and tips on how to make it grow faster very soon ;)

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