Friday, 2 September 2016

YSL Lippies

Before I start I think everyone can pretty much agree that these are the prettiest lipsticks..ever. I've had these lippies for a while now so it thought it was about time I spoke to you all about them. I'm sure most of you will have seen/heard of them before as they are very popular in the blogging world for obvious reasons.
The shades I have are: Rouge Volupte 13 'Peach Passion' & Rouge Pur Couture 04 'Rouge Vermillon'

My sister got: Rouge Volupte Shine 6 'Pink In Devotion'

First off, I love love love the packing of these and think they look so beautiful on display. They are quite pricey but if you have a birthday or you know Christmas is coming soon (ish) so that could be a potential chance to get hold of one yourself, as id definatly recommend them.

I love the formula of these as they are incredibly moisturising which is a bonus especially as autumn is around the corner (sorry to those who are clinging onto the last of the summer time). Although, them being moisturising does not at all have an effect on their colour pay off as they are lovely and pigmented and are very true to colour. I'm also going to admit that owning these do make you feel special no matter how cringey that makes me sound.

However I do have some little flaws to point out as this would not be an honest review if I didn't. Okay, so I don't understand why but these lipsticks get used up sooo quickly! I'm guessing its due to them being moisturising as it seems every time they are applied a lot of the product is used up which upsets me as they are not the most inexpensive item to replace. Also their staying power is not great, not terrible, but not great which is also a bit of a downer. However, I wouldn't want those tiny problems to ever put someone off buying one themselves as they are really nice luxury products to own and add to your make up collection.

Have you ever tried YSL lipsticks? If so what do you think of them?
Cya x

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Skincare Must Haves

Hey, so a few weeks ago I was having a bit of trouble with my skin which is really rare for me. I'm not usually the one to get spots but when I do I have no idea how to treat them or what kind of products to use. However my fave skincare brand ever has to be Nspa, which is  a brand I've talked about before.
In the end I chose these two: Hot Cloth Cleanser & Skin Glow Mud Mask. 
If anyone has read my blog for over a year you'll know that I did have a little gift set full of nspa goodies and this product was also included, which is one of the reasons I picked it up (as well as the offer haha). I do really like this and I have gotten into the routine now of using it every morning and night and I've noticed how much more moisturised and soft my skin feels. If you are looking into trying the Liz Earl hot cloth cleanser I would recommend giving this a go first for a fraction of the price as they are essentially the same thing and both do the job. You can also use this to remove your make up, but I don't like to do this I just take my make up off with a micellar water and then go in with this after, as I think this way is a lot more effective for me.  P.S - also comes with muslin cloth.

Facemasks have always been a fave of mine, I just really like the feel of this one and what my skin looks like after using it. I use this probably twice or three times a week depending on how my skins looking at the time. The only problem I have with this is that it can be quite drying so if you do get yourself this i'd recommend always applying a moisturiser after. But apart from that I feel like this has worked really well and has helped to clear up my skin.
Have you tried any of these products before?

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Straightner | Review

Hey :) I'm really excited to share with you this straightener today because I love it and have been using it non stop since the day I got it. It's by the brand Irresistible Me and they kindly sent it to me so I could try it out and tell all of you how I've got on with it. Up to now I love it and love the design of this straightener and how it much so that I've actually thrown my other one away haha. First of all I'm gonna talk about how cool the whole box is! Probably one of the nicest packaged hair tools I've ever received, also the box tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the straightener and comes with a little guide book too which gives you information on what heat settings to use for your hair type in case your unsure.

The straighter includes:
- Diamond Nano Hi-Tech Plates
- Heat resistant cover
- Buttons on the inside of the straightener to control the heat settings and turn on and off
- Auto Shut Off
- Fast Heat Up
- 360 Cord
- Light Weight
- Grip at the top
- Maximum temp of 230c

I think that this is one of the best and well designed hair straighteners ever! They have thought of everything to make it the best it can possibly be and yes I can confirm that all of the above are true.
I think my favourite features to this is that the plates have grip to them and have a heat resistant cover, which means I'm now able to straighten and curl my hair without it slipping out my fingers or burning myself which actually happens to me a lot.

Okay so in these photos below is my 100% natural hair, I'd washed it the night before and had let it dry naturally and this is what I always do. As you cans see my hair is pretty straight naturally, but it does go wavy and very frizzy too.
The heat setting I used was 170 because my hair is quite thick. To straighten my whole hair it only took me around 5/6 mins (i'm not kidding).
The straightener is so easy to use and doesn't pull or tug on your hair when using it, my hair just glides smoothly through it causing me no pain which i'm sure if you use hair curlers/straighteners yourself you can relate to.

And this is what my hair looks like when it's all been straightened (I'm sorry if your tired of reading that word now) without styling or adding any product in it. I have used this so many times and my hair stays the same all day and can last up to 2 days on me. I have also used this to curl my hair and it curls it really well and they also last a really long time, the only thing i'll do differently is change the heat settings to a slightly higher one. But if you'd like to see how I curl my hair with a straightener then click HERE.

I honestly can't fault this straightener and I'll be sure to continue to use it. If you'd like me to write another post using this straightener, maybe on a few hairstyles you can achieve with this then let me know :)

Have you tried Irresistible Me products before?
*This product was kindly sent to me to review, but all opinions are my own*

Monday, 15 February 2016

Maybelline 24 HR Colour Tattoo

Hey :) I've noticed that it's been a while since I've talked about makeup, so that's what I'm gonna do today...So like posts I've done before I'd always gather a few products together and write mini reviews for them all but today I wanted to focus on just one product which are the Maybelline Colour Tattoo's. Now your probably thinking 'But Millie, these have been out for years why have you only just discovered them now?' Yeah, you're right I know I'm late on the hype but it doesn't mean everyone and their mum has tried it before, does it? Anyway I'll get on with it now :)

 'Pink Gold' (I think they may have changed the name) +  'On & On Bronze'
First Impressions:
I actually am not too keen on the packaging of these, I like that they come in a glass pot and that the front is pretty and it's clear to know which colour is what, but the bottom is too big and chunky for me. Anyone that owns one of these will know what I mean but to me it looks like they've kept a big chunk of see through glass at the bottom of the pot for no reason. It confuses me as to why they did that, however everything else I like and I think that might be the only thing I don't like about these.
Long Lasting:
These surprisingly do last a long time even without using a primer. They pretty much last all day on me, don't smudge or crease either! However I would recommend using a primer before hand just to make sure and primers are know to make eyeshadows brighter so if that's something you want I would for sure use a primer, they're not too expensive it just depends on what brand you go for. For example MUA do an amazing eyeshadow primer and it's only £2.50..I want to say, but yeah give that a try and I promise you it is actually very good and I prefer using that one over my Urban Decay ones...yep.

Pigmentation & Application:
These are incredibly pigmented and glide really nicely over the lid as they are cream eyeshadows. I find them really easy to apply and are great for blending out. I tend to use these underneath eyeshadows as a base, but you can also just use them all over the lid and they will still look really pretty. If you maybe aren't too good at applying your eyeshadow I would recommend you getting yourself one of these cream eyeshadows, I'm sure you'll love them too. I like to use brushes to apply these because I just find it to work a lot better on me, but it's also really easy to just use your finger which works just the same. Cream eyeshadows also take no time to apply so they're perfect if your in a rush or for school/work and just want a little something on your eyes to make you look more awake..shall we say.
Colour Range:
There are 12 shades in the whole collection I believe and they are all very wearable (although 'Turquoise Forever' is questionable) and are really nice for everyday. I think they did really well with the colour selection and have made shades which are appealing to everyone.

I really do love these cream eyeshadows and I'm sure they'll stay a fave of mine for a while, I'm just so annoyed at myself for not buying these sooner. If you have ever tried these or love them yourself let me know which is your favourite shade in the comments :) And if anyone has any recommendations for more cream eyeshadows you think I'll like please do let me know as I'm sure I'll end up buying it next time I'm in boots ;)



Monday, 1 February 2016

Cute Curly Braided Hairstyle

Hey :) Another hair 'how to' today for you. I've seen this hairstyle everywhere on pinterest but there's never really any tutorials that are easy to find to show you exactly how you do it step by step so that's what I'm gonna do today. It's not the hardest hair style to do on yourself but to make it easier to take photos of  whilst I was doing it I borrowed my sisters hair for the day.

Probably the easiest step, start off by curling your hair as normal. I'm using my Vidal Sassoon Easy Wrap curling wand on my sisters hair because the wand has a textured barrel which makes it so much easier to curl hair, especially on my sister because she has very silky hair that's sometimes difficult to work with.

After you've finished curling start to separate the curls slightly with hair brush, makes the hair look nice and wavy :)

Now take a section from the front of your head and braid your hair, I decided to braid it backwards but it doesn't really matter and then secure it with a elastic band/hair clip whilst you do the same with the other side too.

What it should look like now.. As you can see the braids are now joined, to do this make a tiny gap in the second braid allowing you to pull the first one through.. does that make sense? (you can also use a hair clip if needed to, they're not too hard to hide under your hair just make sure that the colour of it suits your hair, which isn't what I did)
To make the braid look thicker pull on the strands (next picture will help you understand what I mean).
 When your done it should look like this. I hope you enjoyed and it and give it a go, it's quite tricky to do on yourself but I'm sure after practise you'll be fine. I think it would look so pretty in the summer months too and it honestly only takes about 10-15 mins depending on how long it takes to curl your hair.

Saturday, 16 January 2016


I don't know about you but I love polaroids and they are really popular right now, but they are really hard to do yourself especially if you don't own an instax mini. But there is a website called 'Cheerz' where you can print out your own photos and even make photo booth ones too. I was contacted by the communication manager at Cheerz and they asked if I wanted to try out their website and of course I said yes.

First of all the website was easy to use and really straight forward. All you have to do is choose and select the photos you want and that's literally it for the polaroids. I also had some printed in the photo booth style which I love. The photos are actually sent to your address and they take about a week to arrive which isn't bad at all :) When they do arrive they all look so cute and I love the way they've packaged everything up. ( I got them just before Christmas which is why they sent me little cardboard pressies too haha)

The polaroids look amazing and there's so much you can do with them (pinterest have a lot of ideas if your in need of any) and of course you can edit the photos before you upload them to the website which is what I did with the purpley one :) and they turn out looking fine. There's also space at the bottom which you can use to write on? maybe the year or something. I just think these are such a good idea especially because it's the new year and you could print out all of your memories from 2015 and put them in an album or do people not do that anymore? :/

And here are the photo booth ones :)
I really do recommend you giving this a go if you're a photo lover like me, especially because they're polaroids! Let me know if you like the idea of this or decide to get some yourself :)
*Big thanks to Cheerz for the print outs*

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy New Year! | 2016

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's now 2016. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :) I can't wait to finally get back into blogging again it feels like forever since I've sat down and typed up a blog post. I'm hoping this year I will be able to get a lot more done as I have a new camera and laptop which is so good because before, I was using my phone too take my photos and my dads laptop which became slower and slower every time I used it. I want to make it my mission to post at least once or twice a week, I'm not going to call it my new years resolution though, because in the past my resolutions have never really lasted longer than 5 days soo... I'm just going to try and attempt it.
In 2015, my blog hit 1,000 followers on bloglovin' and I'm gradually getting closer to 2,000 which I'm so grateful for and I never thought it would happen so thank you so much for following me :) I also changed the appearance of my blog quite a lot in the past year, which was completely new to me as before I started blogging I never knew there was so much you could do or change about a website but I really like the way it looks right now and I'm very happy with it! Another mind blowing thing that happened was when I got asked to write a review on one of Vidal Sassoon's curlers! WHAT? (I don't usually like to blow my own trumpet but I thought I should document it as it's nice for me to look back on) I couldn't believe what I was reading at the time, I thought it was fake. I never thought within less than a year of blogging I'd be asked to do something like that.
Although I want to get back into blogging and I'm really excited about it, I also know that this year is going to be such a busy one for me so if I miss out on a few posts or I'm gone for a while please bear with me because I have no intensions of quitting blogging any time soon :) it will just mean that I'm busy at the time.
Before I go I just wanted to quickly talk bout a Christmas present I got from my Nan, it's called 'Q&A A Day (5 Year Journal)' I'm sure lots of you have already heard about it but it was something I really wanted for the new year and I think it's such a good idea. It's filled with lots of questions for every single day of the year for you to answer, things like 'Where would you like to go on holiday' or 'what's your favourite song right now?' and you answer the same question on the same day but for five years. I can't want to be able to look back on it and see what I've written in the future, so I'm definitely going to be filling out the pages this year :) You can have a look at it here as I'm sure a lot of you would find this interesting too, especially because it's the new year.
So yeah :) Hope you've all had a nice time on your holidays if you do celebrate Christmas and I will be back with a new post soon (hopefully) haha, cya!


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