Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fave Pins | Autumn

Hey :) I haven't done a pinterest related post in a while so I thought that's what I would do today. I've been constantly looking on there for inspiration when I'm shopping for autumn/winter clothes, if you haven't done this yet you need to! And it's really addictive too haha. So once I'd spent hours searching through the pics I picked a few of my favourites out for hair and fashion.


These are some of my faves that I found and I really love them :) I might actually do some tutorials  on these soon if that's something you would like to see me do. I love curly hair in the colder months (and all year round obviously) I just think it looks really nice if your wearing a scarf or something :/


So these are some of my favourite clothing items I've found :) I am going to try and base my winter wardrobe on this picture I think ;) I've already bought something similar to the jumper...and for some reason everything I keep buying is grey?

I hope you enjoyed this and got to know my 'style' a little more :) You can follow my pinterest HERE if you want to..

Bye x 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Makeup Stash | Lips

Hey, I've decided to do a 'Makeup Stash' series on my blog so you can see some of my makeup collection. I'm only including the makeup I actually like and wear otherwise there's really no point in me talking about them. I hope you like it and let me know which ones were your favourite in the comments.

Left - Right: Avon (Sparkling Bronze) | Topshop (Nevada) | Rimmel (3) | Collection (13 Satin Bow)

I love these lipsticks and wear them all the time. My favourites are Rimmel '3' & Avon 'Sparkling Bronze'. I just think these colours go with everything and look so nice on with a neutral eye or even a bronze/gold eye. I think out of all the lipsticks you're about to see, these are defiantly the ones I wear most.


Left - Right: Collection (9 China Rose) | New Dayz (22) | Rimmel (5) | Avon (Fuchsia Fame)

I've been reaching for more pinky reds recently as autumn is quickly approaching (sorry to those of you who are still hanging on to the last bits of summer, but to be honest i'm quite excited for the colder weather. Call me crazy). I just love Collections 'China Rose' it's a very subtle red but you can apply as much or as little as you like :) I think Collection is also a great brand to buy from if your maybe just starting out in make up because their products are all so so cheap and amazing quality :)


Left - Right: Rimmel (Pink Blush 6) | Rimmel Kate Moss (16) | MUA (Nectar 16) | Collection (14)

These are also worn a lot and I think my favourite here is Rimmel 'Pink Blush'. It's such a pretty colour and one I think a lot of people would like, they're also super cheap & really moisturizing too. I actually have bought this one twice :) I think I bought it first when I was 11/12 and LOVED it so much that I bought another when that ran out. As you can see the pictures make the lipsticks appear very vibrant (which they are) but you can tone them down by applying a lip balm first and just simply applying a light layer of lipstick over the top.


Lip lacquers are amazing. I love the way they make your lips look & the staying power is..wow. Yes the natural collection one isn't actually a 'lip lacquer' but i'd defiantly categorize it as one, the pigmentation is amazing and their only £1.99! I know (And it tastes like sweets).


Left - Right: Zoeva (Tender Rose) | Bourjois (Peach On The Beach) | Too Faced (Bigger Berry)

First of all look at how big that Bourjois lip crayon is..it's gonna last me a while. I like these because they are so moisturizing and perfect for the cold weather when all your lips want to do is crack, look disgusting and hurt. a lot! So if your someone who suffers from this like me then you should grab yourself one of these pronto.

Left - Right: Essence (Baby Doll's Favourite) | Bourjois (59) | No7 (Glaze) | Rimmel -the names came off sorry :(

Last but not least lip glosses :) I'm going to be honest and say I don't wear lip gloss too often because I find them so hard to wear longer than 5 minutes :( But I do like to if I just want something to wear on my lips that requires no effort. My fave is Bourjois '59'.

I hope you enjoyed this, I don't know why I've not done it yet actually. Let me know which lipsticks you like the look of and if you like the idea of a 'Makeup Stash' series and what you'd like me to show you :)

P.S - Sorry I couldn't put the links to all the products. If I missed them out it's because the name had rubbed off the packaging or they had been discontinued.

Cya x 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Clothing Wishlist

Hey :) So autumn is almost here and I'm so happy and excited for it. This means I've been looking for winter clothes online because I have literally no clothes for winter right now :( So I've found a few things I like the look of and thought I would show you what I have found.

Ahh Love em! I actually found these first on ASOS, but they are actually from new look. I love these so much and think they would look so nice in winter. I did already buy some similar boots the other day so I'm not sure I'll be buying these as well but I can just pretend. Also they are quite expensive so...probably best I don't get them haha ;)

I found this dress that I really liked and it's only £15. Not too wintery, but I can just picture this wearing tights and little heeled ankle boots when it's cold :) And also Boohoo have such amazing prices for everything!

Also from Boohoo I came across these when I was looking in the 'jumper' section and I spotted these two. I don't know which one I like better but I'm kind of heading towards the grey one because it will go with mostly everything. Let me know which one you like best?

I love things like this that you can just throw over an outfit on really cold days. Some may think they look a bit 'grandad jumpery' but I like them :) There also really warm and soft, can't go wrong with one of these and even if I don't buy myself this one, another just like it will end up in my wardrobe at some point ;)

Now I know not everyone will like these but I think their so cute and different. I saw the baby pink one in Outfit the other day and thought it looked so pretty..i really want it (can you tell). But I think these are so versatile, you can wear them with skirts and heels or jeans and boots and they just look so nice and 'posh' I guess..I don't know haha, I just really really like the look of these :D 

And what would an autumn clothing post be without a coat? I've never had a duffle cote before but when I was scrolling through ASOS I thought it looked so cute and could imagine myself both wearing and loving this :) It's quite pricey so if I want one I'll have to go looking for one similar, but i've seen a lot of these around recently.

So this was a new sort of post for me so let me know if you liked it and I'll maybe do one just focused on beauty or hair? 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites | 2015

Hey, so I haven't done a favourites in a long time. I think maybe march/april was the last time I did one. The reason for that is because I'm someone who always sticks to the same things until they run out or I get bored of them ect. But today I have a few things I want to show you :)

Lush Lip Scrub 'Popcorn'

The first thing is this Lush Lip Scrub. I absolutely love these and think they work really well. They're around £5 which to some people can seem like a lot for just 'a pot of sugar' but I don't mind paying as they last a really long time and I know that they work on me. I bought mine in 'Popcorn' and i'm not joking when I say this but it literally tastes like popcorn from the cinema, it's amazing and i'm obsessed. I remember buying one of these last year and it was a lifesaver for my lips in the winter so i'm hoping this one will do the same for me this year too.

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

I bought this mascara just before my holiday and have been using it ever since. I like the way it makes my lashes look and how non-clumpy they are once I've applied it. It also says it includes argon oil to make your lashes feel 'lightweight and soft' and I can agree, it almost feels as if you have nothing at all on your lashes throughout the day and the mascara lasts so long that I sometimes struggle to take it off haha. But I can't fault it and I really really like it :)

Favourite place to shop:
- Boohoo.com

Films I watched & enjoyed through August:
- Spy
- Jurassic World
- Where the heart is (so old but only just seen it)

- Pramface
- Pretty Little Liars (No Spoilers Please!)

- Rachel Platten - Fight Song (constantly on repeat)
- Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer
- Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Felix Jaehn Remix)
- Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

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