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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Fave Pins | Autumn

Hey :) I haven't done a pinterest related post in a while so I thought that's what I would do today. I've been constantly looking on there for inspiration when I'm shopping for autumn/winter clothes, if you haven't done this yet you need to! And it's really addictive too haha. So once I'd spent hours searching through the pics I picked a few of my favourites out for hair and fashion.


These are some of my faves that I found and I really love them :) I might actually do some tutorials  on these soon if that's something you would like to see me do. I love curly hair in the colder months (and all year round obviously) I just think it looks really nice if your wearing a scarf or something :/


So these are some of my favourite clothing items I've found :) I am going to try and base my winter wardrobe on this picture I think ;) I've already bought something similar to the jumper...and for some reason everything I keep buying is grey?

I hope you enjoyed this and got to know my 'style' a little more :) You can follow my pinterest HERE if you want to..

Bye x 

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Clothing Wishlist

Hey :) So autumn is almost here and I'm so happy and excited for it. This means I've been looking for winter clothes online because I have literally no clothes for winter right now :( So I've found a few things I like the look of and thought I would show you what I have found.

Ahh Love em! I actually found these first on ASOS, but they are actually from new look. I love these so much and think they would look so nice in winter. I did already buy some similar boots the other day so I'm not sure I'll be buying these as well but I can just pretend. Also they are quite expensive so...probably best I don't get them haha ;)

I found this dress that I really liked and it's only £15. Not too wintery, but I can just picture this wearing tights and little heeled ankle boots when it's cold :) And also Boohoo have such amazing prices for everything!

Also from Boohoo I came across these when I was looking in the 'jumper' section and I spotted these two. I don't know which one I like better but I'm kind of heading towards the grey one because it will go with mostly everything. Let me know which one you like best?

I love things like this that you can just throw over an outfit on really cold days. Some may think they look a bit 'grandad jumpery' but I like them :) There also really warm and soft, can't go wrong with one of these and even if I don't buy myself this one, another just like it will end up in my wardrobe at some point ;)

Now I know not everyone will like these but I think their so cute and different. I saw the baby pink one in Outfit the other day and thought it looked so pretty..i really want it (can you tell). But I think these are so versatile, you can wear them with skirts and heels or jeans and boots and they just look so nice and 'posh' I guess..I don't know haha, I just really really like the look of these :D 

And what would an autumn clothing post be without a coat? I've never had a duffle cote before but when I was scrolling through ASOS I thought it looked so cute and could imagine myself both wearing and loving this :) It's quite pricey so if I want one I'll have to go looking for one similar, but i've seen a lot of these around recently.

So this was a new sort of post for me so let me know if you liked it and I'll maybe do one just focused on beauty or hair? 

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Shoe Zone Diamante Summer Sandals | Review

These may well be the prettiest pair of sandals I've ever owned.
I love that there's no strap between your toe, it's more comfortable without that in my opinion and these are so comfy!

These are a pretty colour and have diamante's all over them, what more could you want?

These sandals will also look super pretty on holidays worn both day & night time. I think you can pair lots of different clothes with these too which is always good.

What I would pair with these shoes:

Shorts - Primark
Lace Top - Select

You can buy these sandals from by clicking HERE:

I was very kindly sent these to review and display from the marketing team at shoezone, but all opinions are personally my own.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Spring/Summer Clothing Haul | 2015

I went shopping last saturday to buy some summer clothing for my holidays as i needed some new things.

I've never actually done a clothing haul before and considering I've been blogging for quite a while now I thought it was about time I did one.

The items I bought were from primark (because i lovee it) and they just had everything that I wanted in the shop so I thought 'why not'.

The first thing I got was this top, which kind of reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean. I don't know that's just what it reminds me of haha. But i really like the look of it and i've not got anything else similar to this and I think it will look really nice with some shorts which I'm also wearing in these photos (also from primarni ;) ).

I think it was £5? or more. I don't remember :/ sorry..

I bought a play suit which I really like and I love the print on it.. I again can't remember the price but it's not gonna be anything too over priced's primark!;) I think it will also look really nice with a denim jacket too.

I got these pretty wedges which I love and they were £12, i'm sure as most of the heels in primark are £12. I think they'll look really nice with the play suit I just showed. They're really comfy and aren't too high so I shouldn't be falling over anytime soon ;)

And now I have a few bits I was really bad at taking photos off so I just took them individually:

Bit random..but it's supposed to go over swimsuits haha..

Sorry if I was no good at taking outfit photos, it would be better if I had a tripod set up but yanoo gotta work with what you got..but I hope you found this helpul to see what sort of things are in primark right now as there is no website which is annoying.

Cya soon x


| P.S thank you all so much for 1000 followers on bloglovin, that's insane! <3 |

Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Sunnies | Boohoo

A few weeks ago I ordered some new sun glasses from boohoo & I love them so I thought I'd share them with you :)

They're currently out of stock so I can't find the link on boohoo, but if they come back I'll put the link in here for you.

Prettyyy :)

Do you like them? Do you have any sunglasses  from boohoo?

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Jelly Shoes | Review

The sun is finally making an appearance woo!:D So this means summer shopping *fist pump* 

 So I opted for a pair of 'Jelly Shoes' as I wanted some new shoes for the summer and Shoe Zone had a nice range of shoes which I liked the look of and these definitley stood out to me.

I never thought I'd say this but these are so comfy, I imagined these to feel more like plastic but they are such nice quality and don't hurt my feet.
I also like the way they make my feet look as I thought they might make my feet look extra chunky but they don't in the slightest.

-Also a really good tip about these, if they get dirty you can put them under the tap to clean them and they dry instantly. So no worries about the colour being white :)

These would look so pretty on holiday as you can also wear them on the beach and pair lots of summer clothing with them.

What I'd pair with these shoes:

Kimono - Select
Shorts - New Look
Navy Vest - Primark
Jewellery - Wallis

You can buy these Jelly Shoes from Shoe Zone here.

I was very kindly sent these sandals to review from the marketing team at Shoe Zone, but all opinions are my own.

Do you own a pair of jelly shoes yourself?
What do you think of them?

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pinterest Obsession & Holiday Clothing

I'm sure you all know what pinterest is so I won't bother explaining it to all of you but I have been loving it recently and thought I would share one of my favourite boards I have created with you.

Since this year is already going so fast and were almost in April (whutt?) summer and clothes are going through my mind and most probably yours too.

I made a board on pinterest full of holiday clothing and summer ideas which you can all see if you click here

Some Of My Favourite Outfits/Clothes Found From Pinterest:

I went shopping last week and was looking for a lace crochet top I'd seen on pinterest and found on the select website soon after, but as we all know what we see on the website isn't always what's in stores right now so I wasn't expecting to find it in select...But when I went in it was hung right there in front of me! :D I did notice there wasn't many left at all so I was lucky to even find one in my size but I did :) for £12.99.

Here it is, I don't know if all of you will like it but I love it!

 (what I saw on pinterest)                          (from select, pretty much identical)

Love lace. If I could pull off high waist shorts I'd do this.

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Which outfit was your favourite?

Saturday, 1 November 2014

My Autumn Picks

Make up
❤ Collection Work The Color Eyeshadow Pencil
❤ Color Trend Avon - Sparkling Bronze (old)
❤ The Body Shop Born Lippy - Raspberry 
❤ Rimmel Lipstick - 05

❤ Barry M Gelly - Mango 427

❤ Earrings - Claire's Accessories
❤ Rings - Shop In Lanzarote (sorry) 
❤ M Scrabble Ring - Random  Shop 

Thanks for reading :)

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Primarni Snood | Autumn 2014

What I'm Wearing:

Jacket - Zara

Snood / Scarf - Primark

Nail Varnish - Collection Hot Looks - 53 Jitterbug

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