Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Clothing Wishlist

Hey :) So autumn is almost here and I'm so happy and excited for it. This means I've been looking for winter clothes online because I have literally no clothes for winter right now :( So I've found a few things I like the look of and thought I would show you what I have found.

Ahh Love em! I actually found these first on ASOS, but they are actually from new look. I love these so much and think they would look so nice in winter. I did already buy some similar boots the other day so I'm not sure I'll be buying these as well but I can just pretend. Also they are quite expensive so...probably best I don't get them haha ;)

I found this dress that I really liked and it's only £15. Not too wintery, but I can just picture this wearing tights and little heeled ankle boots when it's cold :) And also Boohoo have such amazing prices for everything!

Also from Boohoo I came across these when I was looking in the 'jumper' section and I spotted these two. I don't know which one I like better but I'm kind of heading towards the grey one because it will go with mostly everything. Let me know which one you like best?

I love things like this that you can just throw over an outfit on really cold days. Some may think they look a bit 'grandad jumpery' but I like them :) There also really warm and soft, can't go wrong with one of these and even if I don't buy myself this one, another just like it will end up in my wardrobe at some point ;)

Now I know not everyone will like these but I think their so cute and different. I saw the baby pink one in Outfit the other day and thought it looked so pretty..i really want it (can you tell). But I think these are so versatile, you can wear them with skirts and heels or jeans and boots and they just look so nice and 'posh' I guess..I don't know haha, I just really really like the look of these :D 

And what would an autumn clothing post be without a coat? I've never had a duffle cote before but when I was scrolling through ASOS I thought it looked so cute and could imagine myself both wearing and loving this :) It's quite pricey so if I want one I'll have to go looking for one similar, but i've seen a lot of these around recently.

So this was a new sort of post for me so let me know if you liked it and I'll maybe do one just focused on beauty or hair? 

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