Saturday, 16 May 2015

Spring/Summer Clothing Haul | 2015

I went shopping last saturday to buy some summer clothing for my holidays as i needed some new things.

I've never actually done a clothing haul before and considering I've been blogging for quite a while now I thought it was about time I did one.

The items I bought were from primark (because i lovee it) and they just had everything that I wanted in the shop so I thought 'why not'.

The first thing I got was this top, which kind of reminds me of pirates of the Caribbean. I don't know that's just what it reminds me of haha. But i really like the look of it and i've not got anything else similar to this and I think it will look really nice with some shorts which I'm also wearing in these photos (also from primarni ;) ).

I think it was £5? or more. I don't remember :/ sorry..

I bought a play suit which I really like and I love the print on it.. I again can't remember the price but it's not gonna be anything too over priced's primark!;) I think it will also look really nice with a denim jacket too.

I got these pretty wedges which I love and they were £12, i'm sure as most of the heels in primark are £12. I think they'll look really nice with the play suit I just showed. They're really comfy and aren't too high so I shouldn't be falling over anytime soon ;)

And now I have a few bits I was really bad at taking photos off so I just took them individually:

Bit random..but it's supposed to go over swimsuits haha..

Sorry if I was no good at taking outfit photos, it would be better if I had a tripod set up but yanoo gotta work with what you got..but I hope you found this helpul to see what sort of things are in primark right now as there is no website which is annoying.

Cya soon x


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