Saturday, 2 May 2015

Review: Seventeen Contour Kit.

I was watching some beauty videos on youtube the other day and saw someone bought this. I really wanted to try it out as i've been looking for a new bronzer for a while now and thought, why not :)

First Impressions:

I really like the packaging of this as it reminds me a lot of Nars. The price isn't too bad either at £5.99 certainly not the most expensive price for a bronzer and highlighter duo.

..see looks like a nars product ;)

It comes with two powders, a bronzer and highlighter. 
The bronzer is natural looking, isn't too dark and doesn't look too noticeable when applied. Both powders are matte which I love! I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzer, I just think it looks a lot nicer without it.

The only thing I can say is that the highlighter can look a little chalky if you use too much or apply lots in a certain area.

I picked mine up in shade 'Fair', but there was a 'Medium' shade too. I'm not sure if they have a darker shade though, there was only fair & medium on the counter.

Also comes with a little guide showing where to apply the product. 

What I think:

Anyone looking to try a new bronzer or contour kit should defiantly consider giving this a try. It's affordable, nice quality & has good pigmentation. I know sleek have a contour kit too but their highlighter is shimmery and the price is a little higher.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?

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