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Saturday, 16 January 2016


I don't know about you but I love polaroids and they are really popular right now, but they are really hard to do yourself especially if you don't own an instax mini. But there is a website called 'Cheerz' where you can print out your own photos and even make photo booth ones too. I was contacted by the communication manager at Cheerz and they asked if I wanted to try out their website and of course I said yes.

First of all the website was easy to use and really straight forward. All you have to do is choose and select the photos you want and that's literally it for the polaroids. I also had some printed in the photo booth style which I love. The photos are actually sent to your address and they take about a week to arrive which isn't bad at all :) When they do arrive they all look so cute and I love the way they've packaged everything up. ( I got them just before Christmas which is why they sent me little cardboard pressies too haha)

The polaroids look amazing and there's so much you can do with them (pinterest have a lot of ideas if your in need of any) and of course you can edit the photos before you upload them to the website which is what I did with the purpley one :) and they turn out looking fine. There's also space at the bottom which you can use to write on? maybe the year or something. I just think these are such a good idea especially because it's the new year and you could print out all of your memories from 2015 and put them in an album or do people not do that anymore? :/

And here are the photo booth ones :)
I really do recommend you giving this a go if you're a photo lover like me, especially because they're polaroids! Let me know if you like the idea of this or decide to get some yourself :)
*Big thanks to Cheerz for the print outs*

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Happy New Year! | 2016

Happy New Year! I can't believe it's now 2016. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :) I can't wait to finally get back into blogging again it feels like forever since I've sat down and typed up a blog post. I'm hoping this year I will be able to get a lot more done as I have a new camera and laptop which is so good because before, I was using my phone too take my photos and my dads laptop which became slower and slower every time I used it. I want to make it my mission to post at least once or twice a week, I'm not going to call it my new years resolution though, because in the past my resolutions have never really lasted longer than 5 days soo... I'm just going to try and attempt it.
In 2015, my blog hit 1,000 followers on bloglovin' and I'm gradually getting closer to 2,000 which I'm so grateful for and I never thought it would happen so thank you so much for following me :) I also changed the appearance of my blog quite a lot in the past year, which was completely new to me as before I started blogging I never knew there was so much you could do or change about a website but I really like the way it looks right now and I'm very happy with it! Another mind blowing thing that happened was when I got asked to write a review on one of Vidal Sassoon's curlers! WHAT? (I don't usually like to blow my own trumpet but I thought I should document it as it's nice for me to look back on) I couldn't believe what I was reading at the time, I thought it was fake. I never thought within less than a year of blogging I'd be asked to do something like that.
Although I want to get back into blogging and I'm really excited about it, I also know that this year is going to be such a busy one for me so if I miss out on a few posts or I'm gone for a while please bear with me because I have no intensions of quitting blogging any time soon :) it will just mean that I'm busy at the time.
Before I go I just wanted to quickly talk bout a Christmas present I got from my Nan, it's called 'Q&A A Day (5 Year Journal)' I'm sure lots of you have already heard about it but it was something I really wanted for the new year and I think it's such a good idea. It's filled with lots of questions for every single day of the year for you to answer, things like 'Where would you like to go on holiday' or 'what's your favourite song right now?' and you answer the same question on the same day but for five years. I can't want to be able to look back on it and see what I've written in the future, so I'm definitely going to be filling out the pages this year :) You can have a look at it here as I'm sure a lot of you would find this interesting too, especially because it's the new year.
So yeah :) Hope you've all had a nice time on your holidays if you do celebrate Christmas and I will be back with a new post soon (hopefully) haha, cya!


Saturday, 19 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Hey..can you believe it's now less than a week till Christmas?! I'm really excited :)
I've come up with a few 'last minute christmas gift ideas' in case any of you are struggling or wondering about what to get someone with only a limited amount of time left. Whether it's something for a friend, mum or family member I hope there is something in this post that can help you :)

Bath & Body Sets

Soap & Glory Poptastic - Soap & Glory have the best gift sets in my opinion, they all look so pretty and they are also really inexpensive which is great if your on a small budget. I know that Soap & Glory release lots of sets at Christmas time such as makeup, bath & body, fragrances and more so there really is something for everyone and I know that I would be more than happy to receive one of these sets on Christmas day :)

For The Skincare Lover

Sanctuary Spa 'Just Because' Gift Set - Sanctuary Spa have some amazing skincare products, some of which I regularly use myself and love. This set includes a body butter, body wash, body scrub and a hand cream. The whole set is worth £10.50 which is an amazing price as their products are quite expensive sold individually, so you really do get a lot for what you pay for.

For The Makeup Lover

No7 Glamour Cracker - No7 is one of the best brands for gift sets, they have everything. I thought i'd include this one because out of all the others I feel like this one screams Christmas the most. It comes with a mascara & eyeliner. I love this idea of the cracker and it's only £8, perfect little stocking filler.

Stocking Fillers

- Cath Kidston Makeup Bags - How cute are these?! (£10 Each)

I hope this helped you out if you were in need of any gift inspiration ;) Please do let me know if you liked this :) And I should be back very soon,

Byee x 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fave Things To Watch On Netflix

Sooo I love watching Netfix and i'm sure you all do too, so I thought I would share some of my favourite things to watch on there just in case you've not yet seen them yourself :)

SCREAM (2015)

Netflix have decided to bring back Scream and I love it. If anyone likes the original then I'm sure your'll enjoy this too. It's a lot more modern (obviously) but it carries on from the first movie in a way but it's still  really easy to follow if you've never seen it before. I liked the story line and am glad they did this as a show rather than another film..really sad I've finished watching it... I'd defiantly recommend giving this a try.


I watched this film recently and thought it was amazing and soo funny. It's a horror film but a comedy as well & I can honestly say it was so good and I really enjoyed it and would happily watch it again. It's about a girl who is forced to stay at the house she grew up in with her mum as punishment for robbery, she later finds out something about the house she never knew before (I won't ruin it for you) but the story continues from there. I don't know how they managed to make me laugh even though the story line was serious and actually very good (also really good plot twists throughout). The actress who plays the girls mum was my favourite, she had some really comical moments in the film and was also the one to shove that basket on the persons head above, which had me laughing in hysterics. I know it might not be everyone's favourite but if your anything like me your'll love it no doubt.


I know some of you may have already heard/watched this before but i've only just started watching and i'm addicted.It's a comedy about a group of teen friends and you watch them grow up throughout the seasons (there's 8 seasons in total!). It reminds me of Friends but set in a different time.I love things like this and find myself watching them all the time so if you've never seen this then give it a go, especially if you're a lover of Friends :) 

Short post today but I hoped you liked seeing what I enjoy to watch on Netflix :) 

What are some of your favourite shows/films to watch?

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

August Favourites | 2015

Hey, so I haven't done a favourites in a long time. I think maybe march/april was the last time I did one. The reason for that is because I'm someone who always sticks to the same things until they run out or I get bored of them ect. But today I have a few things I want to show you :)

Lush Lip Scrub 'Popcorn'

The first thing is this Lush Lip Scrub. I absolutely love these and think they work really well. They're around £5 which to some people can seem like a lot for just 'a pot of sugar' but I don't mind paying as they last a really long time and I know that they work on me. I bought mine in 'Popcorn' and i'm not joking when I say this but it literally tastes like popcorn from the cinema, it's amazing and i'm obsessed. I remember buying one of these last year and it was a lifesaver for my lips in the winter so i'm hoping this one will do the same for me this year too.

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

I bought this mascara just before my holiday and have been using it ever since. I like the way it makes my lashes look and how non-clumpy they are once I've applied it. It also says it includes argon oil to make your lashes feel 'lightweight and soft' and I can agree, it almost feels as if you have nothing at all on your lashes throughout the day and the mascara lasts so long that I sometimes struggle to take it off haha. But I can't fault it and I really really like it :)

Favourite place to shop:

Films I watched & enjoyed through August:
- Spy
- Jurassic World
- Where the heart is (so old but only just seen it)

- Pramface
- Pretty Little Liars (No Spoilers Please!)

- Rachel Platten - Fight Song (constantly on repeat)
- Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer
- Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Felix Jaehn Remix)
- Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Monday, 17 August 2015

25 Blog Post Ideas.


So I know some of you get stuck when thinking of blog post ideas, I do too. But I was having a think and came up with a fair few posts that anyone can do.
So I thought I would share some of my ideas with you in case any of you have no idea what to do with your blog recently :)


1. Your favourite lipsticks
2. Products you regret buying
3. Hair care products you like to use
4. Everyday makeup routine
5. What's in my makeup bag
6. Products you always repurchase
7. Top 5 Drugstore products
8. How you style your hair
9. Product reviews
10. Skin care routine


1. Your favourite places to shop
2. Favourite item in your wardrobe
3. How to style outfits
4. Favourite pieces of jewelry
5. What's in your handbag 


1. Artists/Bands you've been loving recently
2. How to start a blog
3. All time favourite films/movies
4. Blogging advice for newbies
5. Memories/Old photos to share
6. Favourite TV shows
7. Apps you love using (instagram, pinterest ect)
8. Blog photography inspiration/tips
9. Gift Ideas for others
10. Book reviews

I hope this helps some of you :)

Friday, 10 July 2015

10 Beauty & Life Tips For Summer!

Because the weather is so nice at the moment I thought it would only be right to do something along the lines of summer.

1. Swap styling tools with salt spray.

Because it's summer your hair will be exposed to a lot more heat than it would usually or any other time of the year, so for this reason I think it's important to kind of avoid using styling tools as much as possible as your hair can get very damaged .
Using salt spray can still give you that volume and 'messiness' you want in summer.

What I like to do is plat my hair in either a fishtail or regular braid the night before and when I wake up just add a little salt spray and it looks like this ^

2. Keep your makeup in the fridge.

It was actually my mum who first told me to do this. I'd never thought about it before but it seems only obvious that because of the heat some of your make up items (especially lippies) are prone to melting or looking a little disheveled after being sat in constant heat all day.

If you put them in the fridge it will also make them a lot nicer to apply as they will be cool mmm..

3. Wear a lighter foundation/base.

I think your best bet is to opt for something such as a BB cream, as it's a lot lighter than foundation and can look a lot nicer in natural light which is brill because i'm guessing a lot of you are going to be outside..yep?..
They also contain SPF which is an essential for your face during summer as well as the fact they act as a moisturizer. What's not to like about BB creams aye?

4. Get yourself a good face mask/cleanser.

I think making sure you have a nice cooling face mask to apply at the end of the day is such a nice thing to do for your skin in the summer. Make sure to keep your face masks in the fridge too, I promise your skin will thank you for it :)
My personal faves are from Sanctuary Spa & Lush which I've mentioned before.

5. Setting sprays, primers & powders.

Anything really that's going to stop your face from melting throughout the day will pretty much do..haha ;) and no one likes a sweaty face either. Glowy, but not sweaty.

#saynotosweatyfaces (lol)

6. Download spotify & make the best playlist ever!

If you haven't already downloaded Spotify firstly, why?! And secondly, where have you been? But honestly it's amazing and has every song on there you could ever ask for, from high school musical (yep) to Elvis Presley.
There's nothing better in my opinion than creating a playlist of all your favourite songs of right now :) So go do it..

Btw my fave songs right now are:

- Want to want me ~ Jason Derulo
- Lean On ~ Major Lazer
- Hey Mama ~ David Guetta
- Come and get it ~ John Newman (not released yet so sadly not on spotify)
- Shut up and dance ~ Walk The Moon

7. Ditch liquid liner.

I find it a lot easier to use a single brown eye shadow along the top lash line during summer as it looks a lot softer and more 'summer appropriate'. Not to say liquid liner looks awful, it doesn't, I just think it can smudge a lot easier in summer which is not the look anyone's going for.

8. Drink lots of water!
Keep hydrated peeps, your skin will thank you for it ;)

9. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

It's gonna happen. Your hair will get greasy in summer so do something about it and get yourself some dry shampoo! It's cheap, easy to use and does the job :)

10. Ice cubes are great for the skin.

Now I know me telling you to rub an ice cube all over your face sounds weird..I know..but it works. It can soothe spots, make under eye circles look nicer, cools you down & is nice and refreshing too. It sounds weird but trust me.   


That's all for today..if you'd like me to do one of these again some time do let me know in the comments :)

I hope you find these in some way useful and that you are all enjoying the sunny weather recently.

*I also do apologies if it's not summer where you are and this post has no relevance to you what so ever :)*

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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March Favourites | 2015

-Bourjois 3D Lip Gloss

I've always had my eyes on sister recently bought one and I loved it, so I got myself one haha :) I like the brush mostly it makes it so much easier to apply in my opinion, why can't all lip products be like this?

-Soap & Glory Mascara 

This is one of my most fave mascaras ever! I love it, it can look really natural but still makes your eyelashes look super long. Can't fault it...

-Maybelline Fit me

 Because I like maybelline's Fit me concealer I thought I might as well give the foundation a try and i'm liking it so far but the only thing is that it doesn't last long but that might be because the sun is starting to make an appearance woo :)

-Rose Gold Watch -Asda/George

I got this watch for my birthday because my mum knew I liked rose gold watches so I was so happy when I got it :) I love it and have been wearing it a lot.

Clothing Stores:

Non-Beauty Faves:


-Ordinary Lies

-Jess Glynne - Hold My Hand
-Years & Years - King
-Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song
-Nick Jonas - Jealous

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Favourites | 2014

Happy New Year! 

Now I was going to do my usual monthly favourites for you but as it's now 2015 and a new year I thought it would be a good idea to do a post on my favourites of 2014 and share them with you :)

If you are disappointed for some reason that i'm not doing my usual monthly faves I will be continuing to do that throughout the year so don't worry

Lipsticks & Glosses:

Left-Right: Rimmel Kate Moss - 05
Zoeva Lip Crayon - Tender Rose
Natural Collection - Fondant

I can definitely say I have a fair few lipsticks but these three I have decided to be my faves for this year I love and wear them all equally

Eyeshadow / Palettes:

Naked 2
Elf Beauty Book Eyeshadow Palette

Obviously you have all heard of the naked palettes and I can agree with you all that they are absolutely amazing quality as well as this elf palette which I was surprised by as I found it in Tkmaxx which I think is a UK store i'm not 100% sure, correct me if i'm wrong haha but this was no more than £4 can you believe?

Hair Spray & Dry Shampoo:

Loreal Volume Texturising Spray
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Floral Blush

The loreal texturising spray gives lots of volume and is good at holding a certain hairstyle without the feeling of crispy hair which is never good and doesn't feel nice in your hair at all which I think you can all agree with me on. I actually have repurchased this again when I ran out of my old one so it just goes to show haha :)

Batiste is the first dry shampoo I've ever tried and I can honestly say it does do everything it claims to on the bottle, it gives your hair a clean and fresh feeling once you've sprayed this into your hair also adding volume around the roots, perfect for those running late days or when you've woken up late for school aha, anyone know of any other good dry shampoo's?


Rimmel Accelerator Endless
Rimmel Extra WOW Lash 

Both of these mascaras will forever be my favourites, the accelerator (green one) adds length to your eyelashes without making them look like spider legs if you know what I mean. 

The wow lash also adds length but focuses more on the volume on the lashes i'd say this one is best on the top lashes. 

 Nail Polish:

Essie - Fishnet Stockings
Barry m- Prickly Pear, Dragon & Greenberry


Sleek - Rose Gold

I've only recently got this blusher and I love it already, it has tiny gold specs of glitter but not too noticeable on your cheeks :)


Real Techniques - Expert Face Brush + Blush Brush

Lip Balms:

Baby Lips
Born Lippy - Watermelon

These are two of my favourite lip balms ever, I got addicted to baby lips last year when I tried 'hydrate' (the blue colored one) and have bought them ever since.
The born lippy's are also my favourites, they give a little colour pay off but not too much and they last a really long time, I think i've had mine over six months now and i've got a lot left even though I do use it quite a lot.


-The Fault In Our Stars
-Hunger Games Mocking jay Part 1
- The Perks Of Being A Wallflower(old but recently bought it and loved it)


-Walking Dead Season 5
- I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here


Rather Be & Real Love - Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne
Ghost - Ella Henderson
Shake It Off & Blank Space - Taylor Swift
Wasted - Tiesto ft Matthew Koma
The Man - Aloe Blacc
Gecko Overdrive - Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill
Human - Christina Perri


The Vamps
Taylor Swift - 1989

What have you loved all year round?


Should I do a hair history post & what products I use in my hair?

Monday, 8 December 2014

Glitter Bows & Christmas Decorations

Beau xoxo - Mini Small Glitter Hair Bows 'Ruby Red Slippers'

I bought my bow in 'Ruby Red Slippers' as it was Christmas time and they are honestly the cutest ones I've ever seen and really well made. The glitter doesn't come off of the bow and into your hair easily, the crocodile clip doesn't slip and slide around your hair or fall out which also makes taking the bow out of your hair a lot easier (we've all bought hair accessories that practically tear out our hair haven't we?) You can purchase different kinds of hair accessories such as pastel coloured bows, slightly bigger bows, floral crowns and so much more. I've linked the website if you click here it will take you to it :)

The bow was £3.00 and delivery was £3.20 for the UK buyers but the site ships internationally. It's hand packaged and comes with a hand written postcard, a pack of love hearts :) and the bow itself.


Fast forward a few days later and me and my family were putting up the Christmas decorations and I took a few photo's :)

Who else is excited for Christmas?

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