Friday, 10 July 2015

10 Beauty & Life Tips For Summer!

Because the weather is so nice at the moment I thought it would only be right to do something along the lines of summer.

1. Swap styling tools with salt spray.

Because it's summer your hair will be exposed to a lot more heat than it would usually or any other time of the year, so for this reason I think it's important to kind of avoid using styling tools as much as possible as your hair can get very damaged .
Using salt spray can still give you that volume and 'messiness' you want in summer.

What I like to do is plat my hair in either a fishtail or regular braid the night before and when I wake up just add a little salt spray and it looks like this ^

2. Keep your makeup in the fridge.

It was actually my mum who first told me to do this. I'd never thought about it before but it seems only obvious that because of the heat some of your make up items (especially lippies) are prone to melting or looking a little disheveled after being sat in constant heat all day.

If you put them in the fridge it will also make them a lot nicer to apply as they will be cool mmm..

3. Wear a lighter foundation/base.

I think your best bet is to opt for something such as a BB cream, as it's a lot lighter than foundation and can look a lot nicer in natural light which is brill because i'm guessing a lot of you are going to be outside..yep?..
They also contain SPF which is an essential for your face during summer as well as the fact they act as a moisturizer. What's not to like about BB creams aye?

4. Get yourself a good face mask/cleanser.

I think making sure you have a nice cooling face mask to apply at the end of the day is such a nice thing to do for your skin in the summer. Make sure to keep your face masks in the fridge too, I promise your skin will thank you for it :)
My personal faves are from Sanctuary Spa & Lush which I've mentioned before.

5. Setting sprays, primers & powders.

Anything really that's going to stop your face from melting throughout the day will pretty much do..haha ;) and no one likes a sweaty face either. Glowy, but not sweaty.

#saynotosweatyfaces (lol)

6. Download spotify & make the best playlist ever!

If you haven't already downloaded Spotify firstly, why?! And secondly, where have you been? But honestly it's amazing and has every song on there you could ever ask for, from high school musical (yep) to Elvis Presley.
There's nothing better in my opinion than creating a playlist of all your favourite songs of right now :) So go do it..

Btw my fave songs right now are:

- Want to want me ~ Jason Derulo
- Lean On ~ Major Lazer
- Hey Mama ~ David Guetta
- Come and get it ~ John Newman (not released yet so sadly not on spotify)
- Shut up and dance ~ Walk The Moon

7. Ditch liquid liner.

I find it a lot easier to use a single brown eye shadow along the top lash line during summer as it looks a lot softer and more 'summer appropriate'. Not to say liquid liner looks awful, it doesn't, I just think it can smudge a lot easier in summer which is not the look anyone's going for.

8. Drink lots of water!
Keep hydrated peeps, your skin will thank you for it ;)

9. Dry shampoo is your best friend.

It's gonna happen. Your hair will get greasy in summer so do something about it and get yourself some dry shampoo! It's cheap, easy to use and does the job :)

10. Ice cubes are great for the skin.

Now I know me telling you to rub an ice cube all over your face sounds weird..I know..but it works. It can soothe spots, make under eye circles look nicer, cools you down & is nice and refreshing too. It sounds weird but trust me.   


That's all for today..if you'd like me to do one of these again some time do let me know in the comments :)

I hope you find these in some way useful and that you are all enjoying the sunny weather recently.

*I also do apologies if it's not summer where you are and this post has no relevance to you what so ever :)*

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