Sunday, 21 June 2015

Review: Too Faced Color Bomb


I wanted to quickly review this as I picked it up a while ago now and hadn't got round to doing it yet.
I actually bought this from TKmaxx for £3 or so and because the original price is £20 (which I don't think I'd ever pay for a single lipstick) I thought it would have been stupid of me to have just left it there. So I picked it up :)

It's in the shade 'Bigger Berry'

At first I thought there might have been something wrong with it as it was only £3, but it was perfectly fine (thank god).


This is a moisturizing lip stick, so it's fairly sheer once applied but it is build able to a deep berry red.  

Long Lasting?

Yes, again it is quiet long lasting as it acts as kind of a lip tint.


One thing I really don't like about this lip product is that it kind of burns/stings your lips after a few seconds of application. Is this normal? Please let me know if you have this and yours is the same, if it is meant to happen I really don't see the need. Ugh. I know that it claims to be a lip plumper and that some people like the feeling of the stingy burns but it doesn't seem to make you lips look plumper at all :/

This did put me off a bit, but the colour is really nice so...I dunno

What do you think?

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