Monday, 27 July 2015

Eleanor & Park | Book Review

Hey :) 

I'm back. Sorry it's been a while I've recently just got back from my holiday which obviously meant the next few days were spent lazing around for no reason..but it does mean some random holiday pics are coming soon ;)

Okay back to the book. 

I was recommended this book by a friend who loves reading and every time she recommends something she thinks I'll like I kind of think to myself 'okay it must be good then'. And I did need a new book to read on my holiday (turns out I read it before I went on holiday, it was too good to put down haha).

First thing, when I was looking on amazon to buy it I noticed how pretty the book cover was, I mean look at it. It looks so nice on my bedside table. I know this isn't always key information and the cover has no relevance to how good the story is but I thought I might as well just let you know that. (they also have different colored book covers, just letting you know).

I'll just give you some background information about the characters & story:

Eleanor is a 16 year old who keeps herself to herself, has a pretty bad school life but does her best to try and ignore the people that don't matter to her. She lives at home with her brothers & sisters, her mum and step dad Richie who she is not a fan of..

Park is also 16 years old. He's into magazines, music tapes and like Eleanor he is quiet. He lives with his mum & dad.

Eleanor & Park meet when Eleanor gets onto the school bus and has no seat, obviously there is a space next to Park so she has no other choice but to sit next to him. They start off in silence for a while but after some time they get to know each other slowly.

That's it i'm not spoiling anything for you, you have to go read it!

I really like the way this story was written as they give you both Eleanor & Parks point of view throughout every conversation they have. I honestly could not put it down and read it so quickly.

The only thing I didn't like about the book is how it ended. I can't tell you how or why it ended like that but I just didn't like it, but some of you might?? :(

Please go read this book it's honestly one of the best I've ever read.

You can buy it here: Eleanor & Park

If you've already read this please let me know about the ending and if you felt the same way?!?

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