Tuesday, 4 August 2015

3 Cute Curly Hairstyles For Summer

I'm back with another hair post :)
I know I do these often but these are the posts I really enjoy making so i'm going to continue to do them.

I wanted to do this so those of you who like to curl your hair or already have naturally curly hair (in which case i'm very jealous of you) have a few ideas on what to do on 2nd & 3rd day hair. I normally like to curl my hair and wear it down as it is on day 1, then change it slightly the next day into maybe a bun or messy pony tail.

How I curl/style my hair. 

Basically all I do is curl large chunks of my hair to start with and once I've curled all of it, I like to mess them up a bit and make them a little looser.
I also take some hair spray in the palm of my hand and push it into the roots of my hair to give it more volume. And now your good to go.

Messy Braids.

Pretty straight forward, I like to pull on the braid a little to make it look thicker. I always find they look the best when my hair has been curled as it has a lot more texture and holds a lot better. I also like to pull out sections at the front as you can see :)..

Messy Bun.

I'm sure most of you already know how I do this but if not I'll just quickly run it past you.

  • Put your hair into a high pony
  • Twist the pony round into a doughnut shape
  • Use pins to keep your bun in place
  • Mess it up as much as you want to and use some hairspray (optional) 
Easyy ;)

If any of you have any hair style requests for me to do please do let me know and i'll be happy to have a go at it for you :)

Thanks for reading <3

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