Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Fave Things To Watch On Netflix

Sooo I love watching Netfix and i'm sure you all do too, so I thought I would share some of my favourite things to watch on there just in case you've not yet seen them yourself :)

SCREAM (2015)

Netflix have decided to bring back Scream and I love it. If anyone likes the original then I'm sure your'll enjoy this too. It's a lot more modern (obviously) but it carries on from the first movie in a way but it's still  really easy to follow if you've never seen it before. I liked the story line and am glad they did this as a show rather than another film..really sad I've finished watching it... I'd defiantly recommend giving this a try.


I watched this film recently and thought it was amazing and soo funny. It's a horror film but a comedy as well & I can honestly say it was so good and I really enjoyed it and would happily watch it again. It's about a girl who is forced to stay at the house she grew up in with her mum as punishment for robbery, she later finds out something about the house she never knew before (I won't ruin it for you) but the story continues from there. I don't know how they managed to make me laugh even though the story line was serious and actually very good (also really good plot twists throughout). The actress who plays the girls mum was my favourite, she had some really comical moments in the film and was also the one to shove that basket on the persons head above, which had me laughing in hysterics. I know it might not be everyone's favourite but if your anything like me your'll love it no doubt.


I know some of you may have already heard/watched this before but i've only just started watching and i'm addicted.It's a comedy about a group of teen friends and you watch them grow up throughout the seasons (there's 8 seasons in total!). It reminds me of Friends but set in a different time.I love things like this and find myself watching them all the time so if you've never seen this then give it a go, especially if you're a lover of Friends :) 

Short post today but I hoped you liked seeing what I enjoy to watch on Netflix :) 

What are some of your favourite shows/films to watch?

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