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Tips For Growing Long & Healthy Hair

As promised I'm writing this post for all of you who are interested in how I grow my hair :)
In the early months of last year I really wanted to grow my hair longer so I looked it up, tried some tips out and carried on with it


If you want to grow your hair limit the amount of times you use heat on your hair. I went through a phase when I was 12/13 and I used heat on my hair pretty much everyday even though it wasn't necessary to, I'd straighten it, curl it and do all sorts and I didn't even use a heat defence spray! What an idiot. Obviously I didn't realize the damage I was doing to my hair at the time so I was just confused at why my hair always looked so dry and had so many split ends. If you do use heat on your hair regularly make sure that you use a decent heat defence spray, I cannot recommend those enough.

Washing your hair:

Obviously we all wash our hair, but there were a few things I did which did help

- Wash your hair leaning over the bath so your heads upside down (optional but would recommend to)
- Use cold water to rinse out your hair, cold water is better than warm, it might   feel a bit weird at first but you will notice the difference eventually :)

Deep conditioning:

I like to coat my hair in conditioner and tie my hair up in a bun leaving the conditioner in for about 5-10 mins then rinse out with cold water, it makes your hair look and feel so much softer than usual. You don't have to deep condition your hair every time you wash it maybe just 1 or 2 times a week :)


- Tresemme Shampoo & Conditioner (preferably the repair set if your hair is    already in bad condition)  

- Argon oil/Moroccan oil

- Lee Stafford Hair Treatments

Drying your hair:

If your like me and leave your hair to dry naturally then this won't apply to you, but if you like to use a hair dryer please do use heat spray or just limit the amount you do this because this can also do harm to your hair.

Also I know the first thing you want to do after washing your hair is to brush it, well it can create more split ends in your hair when wet if you yank a comb through it noottt good, so maybe just run your fingers through your hair if you can't resist -wide tooth combs are good too :)

Hair styles:

Even the most common hair styles can cause breakage to our hair, even when we put it up in a hair bobble (hair tie for the americans) to make a pony tail.  If the bobble is too tight it can break the strands of hair and also the front parts of your head can be pulled too tight without you realizing leading to damaging the roots of your hair :( 

Your probably wondering what hairstyles do I do now then if I can't use heat on my hair or tie it up? Well you can do those things but not too intensely, especially if you want to grow your hair.

- Plaiting your hair at night can be a nice way of curling your hair naturally without direct heat, or even twisting your hair into 1 or 2 buns either side.

- The headband method is great for people with short and long hair

- Using salt spray is a great way to get curly hair which looks so pretty and it       doesn't damage your hair (but make sure you don't use this all the            time because it can be a little drying, but no way near as bad as    using straighteners or curlers)

It's hard to get in the routine of not using heat on your hair but you will get used to it and hope fully you will notice your hair starting to grow a lot quicker and look healthier than before..

 Drink plenty of water:

I have an app which reminds you to drink water through out the day (odd I know). But it worked and not only is it good for your hair but good for your health :) 

Pheww that took a while :)
Do let me know if you try any of these tips and if they helped you. Remember these are only the things I did and worked for me.

Share your hair growth tips in the comments too :)

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