Wednesday, 2 December 2015

How to: Curl Your Hair With A Straightner

Hey, happy December! I haven't done a hair post in ages so that's what I'm doing today :) I know that a lot of people struggle to curl their hair with a straightener and lately this is all i've been doing with my hair. I've tried my best to take the photos of the steps you need to do to curl your hair, it's always hard but hopefully they're clear enough for you to tell what I'm doing so that you then can try it out yourself :)

1. Start off with a straight piece of hair, it's a lot easier when you have straight hair as the curl can form better and it looks a lot neater when your done curling.  

2. Once your hair is inside of the straightener, take the rest of your hair coming out from the bottom of the straightener and flip it over (towards you) and hold it, like in the picture.

3. (The hard bit) Once you've done that, twist your straightener half way around so your hair is now rapped around the straightener with your strand still in it.

4. Gently pull downwards with the straightener and once you get to the end of your hair, hopefully (after a few tries) your curl will look something like this :)

And then you have to continue to do this to the rest of your hair and it should end up looking like this.
I find that using a straightener to curl my hair lasts so much longer for me than a normal curling wand, I think its because it's direct heat to each part of the hair. Also make sure you use some sort of heat defence spray as this is not good for your hair haha.

You can also leave a few bits of hair out like i've done here to make it a bit more messy, that's just how I wear my hair but there's so many ways you can style these curls. Hopefully this all made sense to you and will help you master curling your hair with a straightener (I feel like I've typed straightener way too many times now). It is hard and I couldn't do it for a long time, you just have to get used to it & practice and then your'll be a pro :)

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