Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review: - Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen Kit

Heyy :)

I bought this set for my birthday as I wanted to try these for a long time and I saw they were selling a pack of 5 slightly miniature pencils for only £15 or so and I ordered them from beautybay, plus you get to try a bit of both as I didn't want to just buy 1 and end up not liking it.

And since my birthday was all the way back in november, i've had them for sometime now and can give you my real thoughts on them.

First off I love the packaging of this, Pixi is known for it's cuteness and lime green packaging :)

Info On Packaging

-Award Winning
-Best Sellers
-Intense Colour 
-Silky Smooth
-The kit is sold with it's best selling eye pencils

I have to agree with all of the above especially 'intense colour' and 'silky smooth'. You have to simply glide these gently over your lash line and the pigmentation is amazing (there's nothing worse than an eyeliner that tugs on your skin ugh). They are also really blend-able, but they do set really fast..

They are defiantly waterproof as they are a bit of a pain to remove, so make sure you have some waterproof eye make up remover at the ready ;)

The only thing that is annoying about these is that because they are so creamy they run out so quickly and i'm finding myself sharpening these regularly :(

The set comes with:

-Black Cocoa (Matte)
-Black Noir (Matte)
-Oyster Glow (Shimmer)
-Deep Plum (Hint Of Glitter)
-Sage Gold (Glittery)

-  & Sharpener

My Personal Faves Are:

-Oyster Glow
- Black Cocoa


Final Rating:
Waterproof & Long lasting 5/5
Pigmentation 4/5
Silky & Smooth Application 4/5
Packaging 4/5


P.S -Because I bought this set a while ago and they were limited edition and they don't sell them in a pack anymore, but you can obviously still purchase the originals (in normal size too).

Sunday, 15 February 2015

How to: Messy Bun

Since my last hair post went so well and is now my most popular post ever, I thought I would share another one with you.

I'm finally sharing a 'how to' post on messy buns woo! :)

I uploaded a blog post quiet a while ago now of a picture of my messy bun and got requests and comments like 'How did you do that', 'How did you get you're hair to look/stay like that'.

And also 'I'd like to see a more detailed post on what exactly it is you do'

And in all honesty when I say messy, quick and easy I really do mean it.
I wear this hairstyle pretty much everyday because it takes literally no time at all and looks like you've spent more time and effort than you really have ;)

The first thing you want to do is start off putting your hair into a simple pony tail, my hair was already fairly curly so it gave it a lot more volume and texture.

Then take another bobble and pull your hair through it like normal but only half way, then (this is the tricky bit) twist your bobble with your hands and grab the rest of your hair and pull it through and it should look like a really messy bun at this point.

(something like this)

Then finally take a few hair clips or bobby pins (whatever it is you call them) and this is where you decide how neat or messy you want it to look. Place the pins into the back and front to secure it and then pull stands of hair out a tiny bit just to make it look a bit more messy and your pretty much done. If you did want to add hairspray then do as it lasts longer with it especially if your hair isn't the thickest and is prone to falling out of whatever hairstyle you try and do with it haha :)

Also if you leave your bun in all day/night and take it out in the morning you will get natural curly waves which isn't damaging to your hair as it's not any direct heat or added chemicals.

You should get something like this, sorry the picture is kinda blurry though :/

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