Friday, 24 October 2014

Natural Make Up

Hello everybody, hope your all having a lovely day :)

So I found a photo I took right before I went out last week and liked the make up I was wearing :)

(click to enlarge and don't judge my eyebrows I so need to get them done ;) )

 This parka looks so big for me, does anyone else own a parka that they can actually fit their heads inside without being swallowed by it? haha.

Although the first image is shown of me being eaten alive by my new parka this was the make up I was wearing that day, unfortunately I can't remember everything I had on my face which is soooo anoying as i'm always changing and trying out new products hmm, does anyone else do this? Please let me know, but I can definatly tell you a fair few pieces of make up I used this day :)

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation
Natural Collection Powder
Seventeen Glow - Pink Bronze

Rimmel WOW lash mascara

Natural Collection Lipgloss - Fondant (new fave)

And that's all I can remember but you get the general idea I hope :)

As always any questions you have for me to answer can be commented below :)

Thanks ever so much for reading andd goodbyee x

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