Monday, 20 October 2014

Bridesmaid Hair Tutorial

1. Take a section of hair at the side of your head and start to french braid as normal.

2. As you continue to braid, twist the sections of your hair to make a letter C shape and finish braiding your hair into a singular plait and secure it with a bobble. 

3. Take your braid and twist it up into a bun and secure it using bobby pins/hair clips to make sure it doesn't fall out through out the day and you can also hairspray your hair just for that extra hold. The hairspray I use is shockwaves which you can buy it from superdrug HERE it's really not expensive at all.

I also added a few flowers around her braid as I thought it looked prettier with them, unfortunately I do not own a tiara which would have made this hairstyle look even better but oh well. 

Sorry if I didn't describe that very well ahah

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